As a graduate of the American Film Institute, Nicolas Emiliani has produced several feature films, over 50 music videos, viral spots, documentaries and commercials.

Recent features include “Scout,” from acclaimed Sundance Grand Jury Prize nominated director Laurie Weltz, “Ask Me Anything,” featuring rising star Britt Robertson and the documentaries “Touch the Wall,” “Cubanamerican,” and “Seduced and Abandoned.”

Nicolas has worked with creative talent such as Academy Award winner® Ellen Burstyn, music legends Quincy Jones, Elton John, Carlos Santana and Andrea Bocelli, and worldwide stars Danny Glover, Martin Sheen, Steven Segal, Mana, and Juanes. Corporate clients have included ABC, Time Warner, and Sotheby’s.

With his multicultural background of Spanish and Italian heritage, Nicolas understands the global importance of diversity in the projects he chooses, which has allowed him to move easily around the world between Colombia, France, Monaco, United Kingdom, Panama, Mexico and the United States.



Jay is an independent Director, Producer, and Writer with over 25 years of Development, Production, and Post Production experience in Documentaries, Television Productions, Commercials, and Features.

He studied sculpture at U.C. Berkeley and mentored with the renowned sculptor: Peter Voulkos, but soon became involved in Bay Area feature production, which included Francis Ford Coppola (“Apocalypse Now” – Sound Editor), George Lucas (“Star Wars”  – Assistant Editor) and Milos Forman (“One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” – Assistant Editor).

In addition, Jay worked with the filmmakers: Erroll Morris (“The Gates of Heaven”), Wim Wenders (“Hammett”), and Barbet Schroeder (“Koko”).

Jay has worked extensively as an Editor, Consultant, Writer including:
“20 Feet From Stardom” (Additional Editor) which won an Academy Award and Spirit Award;  “Hearts of Darkness, a Filmmaker’s Apocalypse” which won a Primetime Emmy, an American Cinema Editors Award for Best Editing, and several Film Festivals worldwide.

He has Written and Edited several other Documentary and Television Projects, including: “The Colonel Comes to Japan” for WGBH-TV (Editor) – which won an Emmy for Best Documentary;  “Return to Tarawa”, a Feature Documentary for the History Channel; “Decoy” and “Without Evidence”: Two Feature Films.

He was on staff for Malcolm Forbes and worked on several of his Documentaries: “The Forbes of Scotland”, “A Forbes Birthday, Tangiers”, and “The Sultan of the Sky”.

He has also Directed/Produced/ and or Written for:

  • Discovery Channel: “Impostors”: a One Hour Documentary Special – as Director/Writer/Co-Producer.  It was Nominated for a Primetime Emmy.
  • Habitat for Humanity: “Hollywood has a Heart”, “Habitat in Nepal”.
  • Liberty Entertainment: “American Midnight” and “Lost Lightning, The Stolen Secrets of Nikola Tesla” – 2 One Hour TV Specials – Director/Writer.
  • A&E Biography Series: “Dick Powell, Thanks a Million” – Writer.

Jay was a staff Director at Propaganda Films for a Sundance Film Festival campaign and made Promos for Propaganda, EMI, etc.

His Documentary: “KlausKinski.45mins” was distributed throughout Europe and was incorporated into an art exhibit on Kinski: “Kinski-Kunst” at several museums.

He was Co-Producer on a period feature western: “Yellow Rock”, starring Michael Biehn and James Russo.
Jay recently completed two projects as Producer and Director: “Tea with Charles”, a Feature Documentary on the life of Charles Jarrott, as well as Directed the Feature: “Submission”.